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Hello. My name is Miranda Beverly.
I joined another community. Because:
I like to post things. Talk. And ramble.
Not that it gets me anywhere, though.

I also take horrible pictures of myself.

I do photography of all sorts as a hobby.

And I like [art/literature/poetry/music/drinking/sweaters/vegan]
And then I [paint/draw/sketch/sculpt/write/read]
And I listen to [classical/progressive music/indie/new wave/oldies/old rock]

And here I am. Miranda Beverly. Plain and tall.
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is that keuka lake?
In Hammondsport?! Yup! I had to work in Bath for a week out on business and I had a referal to go see in Hammondsport, so I took some photo's on my down time.
whoa whoa whoa. are you from far away?
i grew up on that lake...
I live in North Tonawanda which is like, right directly outside of Buffalo.
i can't believe someone posted in this community!! it has been dead forever. oh mannn. i can't believe you have a picture of keuka lake!! and you live in tonawanda...one of my good friends lives there. do you know Joel Monahan??

my room mate is from n. tonawanda...

welcome to the community.
you have quite lovely pictures.

tehe. didnt we all grow up on that lake...
how random though that she would have that picture.
miranda beverly you are a very pretty lady with lovely pictures<3

amber w.