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Hello. My name is Brandy. I would like to join this community.
Er... here are a couple pictures of myself.

I have braces...I hate my smile. ")

Nice, huh?

Um... my favorite bands are: Modest Mouse, Sublime, The Misfits, The Lawrence Arms, Q And Not U, Bob Marley And The Wailers, Jimi Hendrix... wow, I have a lot more.

Sorry if this isn't the right thing to do to get in.

That pretty much covers it.

Adieu. ♥
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the first picture...oh god, you're adorable! you're in but this isn't a rating community or anything. you can just join. but, if this was a rating community i would let you in NO DOUBT about that...besides, you like q and not u!! rock.
Aw. I'm flattered. Thank yooou!

Honestly... I don't get many compliments. "D

You made my day dear!